2016 Dec 22: We're seeing a long segment of bad data being wrapped into this product every few days. This comes from a glitch in the incoming satellite data. For a more accurate representation during those times, try the MIMIC-TPW2 product.

2016 Apr 13: A calibration error has been found on the F-17 channel 16 (37 GHz (V)), which has been creating bad TPW retrievals in our imagery. We have removed F-17 from the composite until we hear that the issue has been resolved.

2015 Mar 10: Bear with us as we do some troubleshooting on the algorithm this week. We attempted to run the algorithm without F-15 SSMI data, which has been responsible for the glaring artifacts over the Atlantic that are appearing with increasing frequency. Unfortunately it looks like the artifacts will be here to stay over the next few weeks until we can attempt a new remedy.

2015 Jan 21: There was a memory glitch during runtime yesterday, and we are currently reprocessing the data up to the present. Updates may not return until the evening of Jan 22 while the reprocessing continues.

2014 Oct 17: We have added an option for you to control the animation. Follow the "JavaScript" link above to view with FlAniS.

2013 Aug 13: Due to a glitch in the local network yesterday the TPW product has not been updating since the morning of Aug 12. We have addressed the error and the product is reprocessing. The next update is expected to appear roughly at 0200 UTC Aug 14. The system will be fully caught up on the following iteration, around 0700 UTC.

2013 Jan 4: A new calibration to the product has been applied which will cause a discontinuity at approximately 1200 UTC Jan 3 2013, and will improve future results.

2012 Dec 12: Maintenance to the product is nearly complete. The imagery will continue updating on schedule, but the current calibrations will need 2-3 more days to stabilize. So you may see more artifacts than normal in the high latitudes and along single-satellite scans.

2012 Dec 3: The MIMIC-TPW site will be undergoing maintenance starting Monday, Dec 10. We expect that the page will not be fully restored until approximately Wednesday, Dec 12. Please accept our apologies for any inconvienence.