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Tropical Cyclone Image Gallery

CIMSS Satellite Blog coverage of Hurricane Ian

Comparison plot of Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Charlie
(courtesy CIMSS Satellite Blog/Scott Lindstrom)

5 minute pseudo color visible over the Gulf of Mexico region, day time only from 11 UTC 27 Sept - ~18 UTC 29 Sept
5 minute IR Channel 14 over the Gulf of Mexico region from 10 UTC 25 Sept - ~17 UTC 29 Sept
5 minute red Visible (b/w) over Florida - day time only from 11 UTC 27 - 1530 UTC 29 Sept
30 second meso IR Channel 13
18 UTC 26 Sept - 11 UTC 27 Sept / 11 UTC 27 Sept - 12 UTC 28 Sept / 12 UTC 28 Sept - 00 UTC 29 Sept
30 second red Visible (b/w)
18 UTC 26 Sept - 23 UTC 26 Sept / 11 UTC 27 Sept - 23 UTC 27 Sept / 18 UTC 28 Sept - 23 UTC 28 Sept
(courtesy Pete Pokrandt/UW-Madison AOSS)

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Disclaimer : The tropical cyclone information displayed here is based on the latest NOAA and JTWC reports received here at CIMSS, and may or may not be the most current forecast available from these official forecasting agencies. CIMSS provides this product for the general public's viewing, but is not responsible for its ultimate use in the forecasting of tropical cyclones and/or the use of public watches/warnings. Concerned customers should confirm these prognostications with official sources (see our links section).

Note : If any of the images provided here are to be displayed elsewhere (internet, publications, etc.), please reference CIMSS. Thank you.

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