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Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies / University of Wisconsin-Madison
CIMSS Tropical Cyclone Team
Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMV) - Product Description

24-hour Atmospheric Shear Tendency
Background: The change in deep-layer wind shear over 24 four hours is plotted with the line contours. An increase in shear is shown as a positive value (solid lines), a decrease is negative (dashed lines). The current upper level shear is shown with the colored background contours. Shear values are in kts.
Uses: The presence/lack of atmospheric wind shear is vital to hindering/supporting TC development. Movement of a TC towards regions of weakening/increasing shear is preferential/detrimental to TC growth or development.
For more AMV information, please visit the International Winds Working Group (IWWG) page.
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