2015 Mar 18: We have added RapidSCAT ambiguities to the listed results. You can view these results in the tabulated listings for the Source/Sensor "ISS RSCAT". However, we have found that the data requires much more calibration before it can be incorporated into the final track, so you will not see these center-fixes in the graphical track until this is addressed.

2014 Sep 05: We have added TRMM TMI 37GHz to the product, and we will watch for the effects on quality over the next few days.

2014 Sep 03: We have improved the code that prevents duplicate sampling in the LEO imagery.

2014 Sep 02: We have adjusted the East Pacific basin geostationary image time match the NHC Dvorak sampling times. For example, 0300 UTC rather than 0230 UTC as it was previously.

2014 Aug 11: A bug in the Windsat data reader has been corrected. Windsat imagery is now valid. Previously, it was unusable, but that did not affect the final track.

2014 Aug 06: We are testing out a new logic for interpolation and position extensions. Position extensions now go out a maximum of only three hours (previously six). Otherwise the position will be marked by either original data or an interpolation.

2014 Aug 04: We have added the link to the ARCHER Product Description at the top of this page. Please explore this resource and send any questions or comments our way.

2014 Jul 22: Imagery from GPM GMI (37 and 89 GHz) has now been added. We will test for stability over the next several days.

2014 Jul 22: The gray coloring errors (stated on the note below) appear to be fixed now.

2014 Jul 18: ARCHER is now running stably. One known issue is that in the track graphics, the circles are sometimes gray when they should be dashed and colored. We will look into this next week.

2014 Jul 15: The ASCAT data is now operational. Watch out for any site-wide bugs for the next few days as a result of the major change. Next on the to-do list is a more robust geostationary image retrieval script...

2014 Jun 30: ARCHER page is online. Expect a few bugs! ASCAT will not be available until after mid-July. I will be back to address any issues on July 9.