Tropical Cyclone 12P

Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies / University of Wisconsin-Madison
NOAA / AOML / Hurricane Research Division
Tropical Cyclones - TC Diurnal Cycle
Current IR Image
Storm Centered
Cloudtop Enhanced
Current 6-hr IR Temperature Trends
(Yellow to Red Shading: IR Cooling Trend)
(Blue to Purple Shading: IR Warming Trend)

TC Diurnal Cycle Clock (24-hr)
*Indicates expected arrival time (LST) of the TC diurnal pulse at various TC radii*

HTML5 Movie of last 24 hours
6-hr IR Temperature Trend (C):
Azimuthal Means at R=100 and 200 km
6-hr IR Temperature Trend (C):
Azimuthal Means at R=300 and 400 km

Click to display only last three days.

Click to display IR Temperature timelines (analysis without 6-hour trends).

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